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    • Processor: Intel Core i3 4th Gen
    • Chipset Type: Intel
    • Form Factor: SFF
    • Graphics: Intel Integrated Graphics
    • Graphics Card: Intel HD Graphics
    • Hard Disk: 256 GB SSD (Kingston, new, 3 year warranty)  [Additional 1TB HDD available at extra cost of 2500, contact us for the same]
    • Memory (RAM): 8 GB DDR3 RAM (upgrade to 16gb available , please contact us)
    • Ethernet Port: Intel Gigabit Port
    • Operating System: Genuine Windows 10 x64
    • Office application available pre-installed
    • 1 VGA port
    • 1 HD Display port (Display to HDI Convertor will be provided with the unit)
    (Monitor, Keyboard and mouse isn’t available with the package)
    Please note – PC is refurbished. Seller warranty of 100 days from date of delivery .
    CD/DVD drive will not be available as seen in the image.
    Wifi is complementary (Separate dongle will be provided)
  • Highlights
    • Built-in Google Assistant now supporting Hindi
    • Big, bright, easy-to-read LED digits showing Time, Weather Updates & more
    • Play music, audiobooks, radio & podcasts | Voice control over 40,000 compatible devices
    • Built-in voice controlled night light with adjustable brightness
    • Cast videos to Smart TV using voice | Charge your smartphone on the built-in USB port
    • Wireless music streaming via Bluetooth
    • Configuration: Mono