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    • Nourishes the scalp
    • Strengthens hair strands
    • Encourage fresh growth

    expiry – sept 2022

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    The new skincare range of Parachute Advansed has 100% natural actives and comes in modern formats like body lotion, body oil and body gel which you will love to apply. Only Parachute Advansed body oil is enriched with breakthrough coco lipid formula, nourishing almond oil and vitamin e. It goes 10 layers deep in the skin and boost your natural glow so that your skin looks polished and complements your trendy clothes and you stand out everyday! It is light, non-sticky and is known as ‘the super oil with 5 benefits’. Suitable for all skin types, It is the perfect companion for moisturised and nourished skin This winter. Pick your Parachute Advansed body oil now and glow with skin confidence!

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