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  • Highlights
    • Type: SSD
    • Connectivity Technology: SATA
    • Form Factor: M.2
    • Capacity: 256 GB
    • All in One PC’s
    • High Durability – Equipped with Quad Channel controller and 3D TLC NAND the drive is highly durable with a MTBF rating of 1,50,00,000 hours at 70 degree Celsius.
    • Blistering Fast Speed – Rated at a maximum read and write speed of upto 520MB/s and 420MB/s the Ant Esports 690 Neo Pro Use size ensures blazing fast speed under all circumstances.
    • Universal Compatibility – With a M.2 interface the 690 Neo Pro is a M.2 SATA drive supporting the SATA 3.1 standards for maximum compatibility across all motherboards.