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  • Quantity: 400 ml
  • Fragrance: Plain
  • Container Type: Bottle
  • Pack of : 1

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The Finish Dishwasher Rinse Aid Liquid is easy to pour into the dishwasher and dissolves in no time for immediate effect. It prevents water spots and streaking on cups, dishes, and cutlery. And, this dishwashing liquid can carefully clean even delicate and pricey dishes without any hassles. When used with a detergent, this dishwashing liquid can effortlessly clean spots and leftover food to keep your dishes, vessels, and glasses clean. Formulated with a powerful surfactant, this dishwashing liquid dries the dishes rapidly.

Quick-dry Formula                                                                                                                                                                                              Featuring a Quick-dry formula, the Finish Dishwasher Rinse Aid Liquid can dry the dishes quickly and add a beautiful shine.

Effective Cleaning
This dishwashing liquid can effectively remove detergent and food residue during the rinse cycle, ensuring that the dishes and utensils are free from moisture. Moreover, you can try out the Finish Diamond Shine Rinse 3 Aid to remove residue and enhance the shine of glasses and dishes.

Plain Fragrance
As this dishwashing liquid has a plain fragrance, even those who are sensitive to strong fragrances can safely use it.

Spot- and Streak-free Wash
When you use this dishwashing liquid, you won’t find water spots, marks, or streaks left behind on glassware or cutlery.

Easy Evaporation
This dishwashing liquid reduces the surface tension of the water during the rinse cycle to help the water sheet. This way, the water effortlessly evaporates to ensure an optimal rinsing experience and prevent visible spots and a layer of film.

In The Box
Pack of
  • 1
  • Finish
Model Name
  • Rinse Aid Shine and Dry
  • Plain
Container Type
  • Bottle
Liquid Quantity
  • 400 ml
Additional Features
Other Features
  • Improved Quick-dry formula speeds up drying of dishes with brilliant shine, Finish RINSE AID works in the rinse-cycle to thoroughly clear away detergent and food residues, while ensuring a moisture-free end result. Try Finish Diamond Shine Rinse 3. Aid for residue-free glasses & dishes that gleam with Diamond Shine.
  • Fragrance : Plain, Finish rinse aid, shine and dry rinses residue and fights water spots and streaking on glasses, dishes and cutlery, It gets evaporated easily and prevents visible spots after drying/evaporation

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