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  • Description

    Safe, reliable, and bright – this 12-watt bulb from Philips has been designed to provide your home with the right level of illumination. Its swivel body action lets you adjust the light source, to help you create the perfect ambience.

    Product Description
    Good for Your Eyes

    This LED bulb has no visible flickering and ensures reduced glare, thereby keeping your eyes relaxed and comfortable.

    Cosy Atmosphere

    This 12-watt bulb will provide enhanced illumination, thereby creating a cosy and comfortable home atmosphere. It also improves concentration and increases your productivity level.

    Safe and Reliable

    This bulb has undergone stringent testing to ensure that it is a safe and reliable one for your wonderful home. With an impressive lifespan, you can depend on this bulb to provide your home with consistent bright lighting. That?s not all, it has been designed to facilitate a hassle-free installation process.

    Swivel Body Action

    This T-bulb?s swivel body action lets you adjust the light source from your desired direction.

    Better and Wider Light Spread

    This bulb has a wider light spread, which ensures better illumination in the room.

    Model Number
    • F6503
    Model Name
    • Stellarbright 12w T-Bulb Curve
    Sales Package
    • 1 Bulb
    • Polycarbonate
    Rated Life
    • 15 years
    Bulb Shape
    • T-Bulb
    Energy Saving
    • Yes